Vulnerable Residents Helpline

01983 823600

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm

The Isle of Wight Council has moved to reassure thousands of vulnerable Islanders that changes to shielding arrangements will not mean the end of their local support.

The council has pledged to continue its vital work in supporting around 6,000 residents who are currently shielded or isolated and need help getting food and medication.

The helpline will continue to operate until Christmas to ensure those that need continued support are able to access it through a range of local provisions that will remain in place.

Further information here

IW Council has a website with the latest information for those shielding – see here

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Bembridge Update

Support with getting out and about Holy Trinity Church is co-ordinating a group of volunteers from the village to help anyone who has been Shielding and would like a bit of extra support going out and about for the first time For more information, call the Support...