Personal Wellbeing plans are designed to reduce the number of times people need to tell or repeat their story to someone new. It is a helpful way of having easy, readable information that can be shared with family, friends and neighbours or any services who may be involved with their care over the pandemic period.

This plan is designed to be completed by the person themselves or with family & friends or in conversation with a social prescribing link worker, health and care professional or informal supporters.

The Personal Wellbeing plan covers:

  • Basic information about a person including their name, what they like to be called and basic contact details.
  • Things we need to know about the person’s health.
  • Medication: what they take, when, where it is stored, and how they take it.
  • What matters to them whilst they are staying at home and keeping away from other people (physical distancing).
  • What they are worried about whilst they are staying at home and keeping away from other people.
  • What support they need: including what they will do, what family and friends will do, what help they need from other people and services, and where they can keep up to date with any information which is relevant to their specific circumstances.
  • Important contact information