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IOW Covid19 Volunteer Guidance

If you are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, feel fit and able to volunteer and wish to do so, please complete the form below. To undertake volunteering in the community you should not be in one of identified vulnerable groups (over 70, have an underlying health condition, weakened immune system or pregnant).

By completing the form, you are giving your consent for us to share your details with relevant organisations who are supporting communities at this time.

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Coronavirus volunteer information

Thank you for volunteering to be part of this critical community effort. Your kindness and commitment to others is greatly appreciated.  Here you will find information to help support and equip you in your role of supporting people in the community in the Isle of Wight.

These pages are being updated as the pandemic unfolds, so please come back to check about updated materials and resources.

The information is designed to cover core areas of safe practice including infection control advice, where to signpost to and how to escalate any concerns.

Don’t forget to use the support and advice you have in place and access our local numbers if you need help.

Remember, be sure to wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing where possible. If you stay safe from infection you are protecting both yourself and the people you are working with, and you will be able to keep helping others who really need it.

I hope you find your new role interesting and rewarding.

Thank you for your help, and stay safe.

Making Scrubs

If you are interested in making scrubs and other PPE for NHS workers, Mountbatten, carers and others please get in touch with one of the established groups on the Island.

IOW NHS Trust have asked people to email to let them know what they are doing

Many of the above groups also need donations of fabric, people to cut out and others to drive in order to pick up and deliver finished articles.

Guidance for Dog Walking

If your volunteers are walking other people’s dogs, you may like to advise them to use their own lead and to consider some of the other suggestions listed by the Blue Cross such as:

  • Consider each individual situation and how to safeguard the person you are helping
  • Never walk dogs from different households at the same time
  • Wash your hands using soap and water before leaving your home, and as soon as you return after the walk
  • Wear gloves while you walk the dog and throw them away afterwards
  • Use a different lead to the owner’s. Wash the lead with soap and water after the dog has been returned home.
  • Ask someone from the household to open and close the doors for you

Further advice can be found on the Blue Cross website

DBS Checks FAQ

Q. I would like to set up a community group where volunteers can offer to provide meals or pick up prescriptions for those unable to leave their homes. Do I need to carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on the volunteers?

A. No, there is no legal requirement for you to carry out DBS checks on volunteers. Some established organisations (such as national charities) may already have this policy in place and DBS is working to process any checks as quickly as possible.

Government DBS  and Safeguarding Guidance

Contact: if you have a local enquiry

News & Updates

Bembridge Update

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