Vulnerable Residents Helpline

01983 823600

Seven days a week, 9am to 5pm

North East Wight Support

Local Co-Ordination:



 Holy Trinity Church has a group of volunteers who are ready to offer support to anyone in the village who is self-isolating according to government guidelines.

For information on shopping deliveries, hot meal deliveries, prescription deliveries and a phone buddy system, call the support line, call 07724 401 443

 Bembridge Poster


Brading Parish Council will continue to deal with enquiries on 401770 or email

Post Office remains open on Tues & Thurs 9.30-11.30am

Support with shopping and prescriptions for vulnerable residents offered

 The Following are offering deliveries locally:

The Yarbridge:  01983 405585


East Cowes:


Need help collecting shopping, posting mail or getting urgent supplies? Contact Coast To Castle Properties Tel: 01983 200007 or 07437 176626.

Volunteers offering to help with shopping. Contact Community Spirited on Tel: 01983 296592 or 07747 046202

East Cowes Plan



A Community Action/ Support Group is being set up to help if you are over 70 or self-isolating due to Coronavirus.

If you are in one of these categories and need some support, or you are willing to be a volunteer and offer support, please contact one of your Parish Councillors or the Parish Clerk.

 Email: or Tel: 07815990019 or

 Cllr Sarah Talbot 882655 and give your phone/ contact details.

 Areas of help might be shopping, collection of medication, dog walking or even a chat on the phone.

 Fishbourne Parish Council Plan


Havenstreet OR 07540 736471

 Havenstreet Leaflet

 Nettlestone & Seaview

 Brian  tel: 07464894216



 Ryde Helpline 01983 811105

 Residents can access the following through the Hub:

 Advice and information from Citizens Advice Bureau

 Assistance for those in food poverty

 Assistance for those in vulnerable situations

 Assistance for those experiencing difficulties with self-Isolation

 We also hope to offer assistance with the delivery of prescriptions in the near future

 Please call (01983) 811105 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday in order to access these services.

The Ryde community HUB is linked to an Island wide HUB and Helpline coordinated by IW Community Action. This can be reached on (01983) 823600 and is available 9am – 5pm seven days per week. 

Please note that support can only be offered via the numbers above and residents should not attempt to make an initial contact in person either at Ryde Town Council offices or at Aspire Ryde sites.

We would like to thank all those who have volunteered their services to help with the current situation.  We will be contacting people in the coming days as necessary to assist in this work.


St Helens

St Helens are asking people to get in touch via Facebook page


 Matthew Price Tel: 524320 / 07833537668




Volunteers to help with shopping, collection of prescriptions, trips to the Post Office, phone calls and so on.

Cllr. Daryll Pitcher: 07511 045 145






Islandwide Organisation:







Barnardo’s Family Centres


Our Hubs are open for calls and by appointment services ie health. Parents are welcome to call in for support and advice and they will have their details taken and a worker will get back to them as the majority of staff are working offsite now. We are developing online service offers but at the moment people will have an individualised response. Requests for support by professionals is also available using the usual referral routes.


North East Ryde Family Centre, George Street, Ryde 01983 61761 or email:


Facebook page – Isle of Wight Family Centres


Footprint Trust


Independent Arts


Wessex Cancer Trust statement


News & Updates

Bembridge Update

Support with getting out and about Holy Trinity Church is co-ordinating a group of volunteers from the village to help anyone who has been Shielding and would like a bit of extra support going out and about for the first time For more information, call the Support...