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Your Pharmacy may have reduced opening times at this busy time. They will have a notice on the door displaying the hours they are open to the public but most pharmacies should be open to the public at these times:

Between 10am and 12 noon and 2pm and 4pm

Island Pharmacies

Boots Covid- 19 Information

Lloyds Pharmacy Covid – 19 Information  

Community Pharmacy South Central answers your questions:

Why are some pharmacies closing at lunchtime?

Some pharmacies are closing at some points during the day. This allows pharmacy teams to dispense medicines safely and to meet unprecedented demand for prescription medicines.

Why are some products restricted?

NHS England and NHS Improvement has asked pharmacies to restrict the supply of some products including paracetamol, hand sanitisers and formula milk to ensure that everyone can have supplies.

Why can’t I order more medication to see me through?

Medicines should be ordered as usual, there is no need to stockpile. There are enough medicines for everyone, so long as everyone only orders the prescriptions and buys the medicines they really need. We are all in this together and we need to remember that stockpiling causes problems for more vulnerable people in our communities.

Why are some pharmacies closed?

Many pharmacies are struggling to manage staff shortages (for instance where people are self-isolating) and remaining staff are working long hours to meet demand. Some pharmacies may have to close if they do not have enough staff on duty.

Why do we have to queue outside?

Pharmacies have been advised to ask customers and patients to keep 2m (6 feet) away from other people when inside the pharmacy. There are restrictions on the number of people who can go in to the pharmacy to ensure that people can maintain their distance from each other. This is to protect them and staff.

Please don’t go to a pharmacy if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19: If you have a dry, persistent cough, fever or shortness of breath. If you need medical advice, use NHS 111 online.

People are asked to treat high street pharmacy staff with respect, as they deliver vital support on the NHS frontline in the face of COVID-19. 

The Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (IOW CCG) Medicines Optimisation Team is responsible for the provision of medicines on the Isle of Wight. They work with the general practices, community pharmacies and care homes.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do contact by email:

Further information about medicine services on the Isle of Wight

Local Hubs

Pharmacy services are rather stretched at the moment so you are likely to have to wait longer than usual for your prescription to be delivered. Why not contact your local hub to ask if they have help available in your area for collecting prescriptions.

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